Press Release Experience the next level of performance and durability with the Fortune FTH102 Spread-Axle Trailer Tire

Fortune Tires, a leading name in the tire industry, is excited to introduce the all-new FTH102 Spread Axle Trailer Tire, a remarkable innovation poised to elevate the performance and durability standards for spread-axle trailers. Engineered with precision, this tire is a testament to Fortune Tires’ dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering top-tier solutions that cater to the unique demands of modern transportation.

The FTH102 features a range of advancements, engineered with a specialized tread compound, to withstand wear and tear demands. Its arc shoulder design evenly disperses lateral forces, providing extra protection against abrasion. The big-angle zigzag design in the shoulder groove bottom offers stability for shoulder pattern blocks, reducing fatigue and tread block tearing. Integrated stone ejectors and gradient grooves reduce tread cap damage and promote casing integrity. A big-bead filler and high-strength rim cushion equip the FTH102 to handle high-load spread-axle applications and lateral forces during turns.  All Fortune TBR tires are backed by a 5-year/2-retread warranty.

Ken Coltrane, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing at Fortune Tires, expressed his excitement, stating: “The FTH102 Spread Axle Trailer Tire is a prime example of our commitment to innovation and meeting the distinct needs of our customers. This tire further expands the value tier options in the Fortune Tire TBR lineup.”  


High-resolution images of the product are available upon request.



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