climaflex 4s - fsr402 - fortune tires usa

ClimaFlex 4S – FSR402 TOURING & CUV

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative “Fortune Four” Tread pattern to enhance aesthetics without sacrificing performance
  • The 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake rating and snow-traction enhancers in the central grooves offer increased winter capabilities and exceptional all- weather performance.
  • Advanced 3D siping ensures superior cornering and braking by enhancing tread rigidity, while full-depth sipes guarantee exceptional wet braking for the life of the tire.
  • Non-directional 3PMS pattern ensures easy tire rotation, extending lifespan and saving you money on replacements.
  • 65,000 Mile /105,000KM Limited Treadwear Warranty
ClimaFlex 4S – FSR402, Fortune Tire USA
ClimaFlex 4S – FSR402
ClimaFlex 4S – FSR402
ClimaFlex 4S – FSR402
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